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Like it? LOVE IT! The design used adds so much functionality and looks great.


I grew up in a house where the w/d were in the main bathroom. Ever since moving out it's been a real mystery to me why everyone doesn't have this. To me the bathroom and the w/d are such an intuitive and functional combination. You get undressed in the bathroom, toss your clothes in the nearby hamper, and when you do laundry all your clothes are right there.

What's never made sense to me is the kitchen + w/d combination. The kitchen: food and cooking smells, lots of family activity. W/D: chemical smells, lots of noise. Together: gross!

Terry Sprouse

I think the combo bathroom/laundry room looks good.

Like the situation mentioned in the comment by RE, I own a house where the clothes washer was originally in the kitchen. The noise always bothered me, so last year I build a laundry room on the back porch where the washer and dryer both (quietly) reside.

hot water plumbing

Good to see both laundry and bathroom at one place.And arranged very nicely.

Austin Carpet Cleaning

That's a very good idea that your laundry room and bathroom are situated in one place, it's a space saver. Also I appreciate the idea, the place was perfectly arrange.

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