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Thank you! The yard at the house we are renting is a dead, blank slate. I would like to improve it, but not shell out much cash and keep the water bill to a minimum. We have already ordered a meadow grass mix, but some clumping ornamentals will look nice, too. That muhlenbergia is a strong candidate. Pink grass, i love it.


Those of us who grow the fabulous Mexican Feather Grass will gladly donate some to anyone in need. The smaller ones seem to transplant better. Water it regularly until it is established then leave it alone -- they are drought tolerant and flourish in non-irrigated parts of a garden.

They are so easy. Just pluck them out where you don't want them and top them before they seed. The seeds are icky looking -- you'll know when you see them --but they rake up easy. Decomposed granite is ideal if you want a meadow of these flowing beauties.

The other pink feather one is another favorite in my garden. It is variegated and very showy when it blooms.

I have some ornamentals that go dormant (dry out) in colder months. But, when they come back, they are spectacular.

I also have some reed type ornamental "not-really-grasses." They are very showy and grow about 4' tall and wide. These look great next to boulders and on hillsides.

Other flowering and drought tolerant perrenials include Santolina and Ruesellia Equisetiformus (firecracker?). One is a billowing vivid green with yellow buttons and the other is a stemmy fountain with red tubular flowers.

There are so many drought tolerant cool plants that can give you the same effect of a tropical garden too. Just reimagine succulents paired with NZ Flax and some Queen palms.


riley! yet another hero. i love the suggestions, love them. now to make a list, go to the nursery, and see what's in my budget. thanks!

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