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Thank you for the review. Costs are impossible to pin down in a book because they vary geographically and over time. Instead of prices, I provide readers a method to develop a comparative cost estimate, and then from the info mined from cost books (which are updated yearly and regionally), and comparative shopping a method to create specifications that guaranty the best price possible in your area. Right now I work in four cities across 1000 miles and have to develop a different budget for the same projects in each one. But a disciplined approach to planning and cost allows me to achieve the lowest costs possible in every local. Why pay any more than you must?
Thanks again, Fernando.


fernando is right - usually there are too many variables to really give good prices, but RS Means has been in the estimating business for 20+ years and have software, regional quote books, etc. i would LOVE to see several seasoned pros review the books and software for accuracy/usefulness, as i'm tempted to use them:



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